Enforcing judgments when debtors won't pay!

Civil Judgment Enforcement Services is a company dedicated to the enforcement of judicial judgments. Your judgment is purchased from you in its entirety, usually on a 'future pay' basis, without application fees or up-front costs to you. Payment comes only from the judgment debtor, at no direct cost to you. There is never an up-front charge of any kind!

When your judgment was awarded by the court you were probably very happy, but later you may have been disheartened to learn that its enforcement is your responsibility, and the court offers no real help of advice on how to pursue enforcement. Civil Judgment Enforcement Services has the resources, expertise, and determination to enforce the judgment you worked so hard to get. Civil Judgment Enforcement Services does NOT operate like a collection agency! Collection agencies typically use endless harassing phone call tactics to squeeze payment from a debtor. With a court judgment in hand, there is far greater power than a collection agency.  A thorough investigation will be done to uncover any assets or sources of income, and assets are legally seized using the court system. A court judgment is a court's order for the debtor to pay.

If you have a valid court awarded judgment of $2,000 or more, every method will be used to recover the full amount of the unpaid judgment plus any interest that the judgment has accrued since it was issued. The judgment debtor will be tracked down even if he or she has moved to another state.

As a member of the National Judgment Network, Civil Judgment Enforcement Services has access to both private and public databases that allows a 'skip-trace' on the debtor and to locate any assets that he or she may have. As allowed by law, wages may be garnished, bank accounts may be attached and seized and if possible, without any notification or confrontation. In short, the judgment that was legally and rightfully awarded to you by the courts will be enforced.

This unique service has established an important place in this industry. Civil Judgment Enforcement Services has made a distinctive and substantial financial reward for judgment creditors who have signed up for this service.

Hopefully this information has been helpful to you. Although every case is not recoverable, Civil Judgment Enforcement Services specializes in enforcing judgments when debtors just won't pay. Call today. Your judgment has an expiration date, so what are you waiting for?

Isn't it time justice was served?

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